Design vs. Functionality – contradiction or symbiosis?

We all want stylish websites, be on top of the google search and have tons of likes on our news posts. But how do all these things work together? Often Webdesigners do not realize their impact on SEO when creating a new Website. Often Firms do not realize the importance of relevant content, meaning useful and most of all unique texts for their online business card. And often programmers only look on the function of things rather than finding a middle way to catch the eye with design also.

Jeanette Scherrer (selfemployed Consultant for SEM and SEO) and I have a different approach. It's our conviction that all the three should work together: Design, functionality and relevant content. In order to help managers and marketers to find this golden middle path, we put our heads together for a course at digicomp: Text and Design for SEO – Style vs Functionality?

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